A s u n g  C l e a n  F l o w  T e c h 

Company Information

Company Name   Asung Clean Flow Tech Co., Ltd

Brand Name   ASUNG

Website   http://www.asungvalve.com/



  • Asung Clean Flow Tech Co., Ltd. is the leading company of plastic valve and piping products which has been leading development in the field of domestic plastic pipe.

  • They have developed various products those produced using material of U-PVC, C-PVC, CLEAN-PVC, HT-PVC, PP and PVDF.

  • Have been supplied throughout the heavy chemical industries and semiconductor production fields, such as the petrochemical fields, semiconductor industry, water treatment industry and chemical industry fields, etc..

  • Asung having developed the CLEAN FLOW (CLEAN-PVC Valve and Pipe & Fitting materials)” for de-ionized water used in the semiconductor.

Product Information

Main Products

  • UPVV Piping System (Clean PVC Valve, Pipe & Fitting)

  • Indsutrial Piping System (Valve, Pipe, Fitting)

  • Fire Sprinkler System

  • Actuated Valve ( Pneumatic, Electric)


  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

  • Company Auxiliary Research Institute


  • JIS

Track Records (Key Clients, Service Area)

  • POSCO – Chemical Line (PP / PVDF) in China/Vietnam/Thailand

  • Doosan Heavy I&C – Chemical Line (CPVC / PVDF) in Saudia Arabia

  • Daebang – Chemical Line (CPVC) in Indonesia

  • HANSU Chemistry – Waste Water Treatment (PP / CPVC) in Pakistan

Contact Information



Mr. Chris Luis Manurung


(62) 8111-919-170