A - S u n g  P r e c i s i o n

I n d u s t r y

Company Information

Company Name   A-Sung Precision Industry

Brand Name   A-Sung


Website   www.aspi.co.kr



  • A-Sung is eco-friendly advanced agriculture’s leading company, established 1977,

  • Changed  the spraying of agrichemicals in vineyard into pleasure by developing transport compatible mobile power sprayer

  • achievements of developing small smoke insect killer(NEW SUPER 2000-GOLD)

Product Information

Main Products

  • Sprayer

  • Killer

  • Stirrer

  • Electric Scissors

  • Grape Thinning

  • Accessories

​​​Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc)

  • ACE Hardware – Super 2000


  • Patent-number-10-0809905

  • Patent-number-10-0917314

  • Patent-number-10-0917320

  • Patent-number-10-1064830

  • Patent-number-10-1485706-(SUPER-3000-GOLD)

  • Patent-China-(SUPER-3000-GOLD)

  • ISO9001

  • Design-China-(SUPER-3000-GOLD)

  • Certificate-of-world-class-of-korea

Contact Information



Ms. Azizah Rahim

azizah.kotra@gmail.com / 719071@kotrakbc.co.kr