A T O O N Z ,  I n c .

Company Information

Company Name   ATOONZ, Inc.

Brand Name   Hello Jadoo

Website   www.atoonz.net



  • ATOONZ, Inc. is an agency producing the multimedia contents that is a venture enterprise established in May 2000 which is implementing character licensing and merchandising business while producing the flash animation, digital broadcast animation, theater animation, and mobile entertainment contents. ATOONZ, Inc. is staged to continue producing and creating high quality contents and programs well into the future. 

  • Currently, it is producing Korean representative family animation “Hello Jadoo” TV series and theater animation, and implementing domestic/foreign various character business including the teenager community site, web, production of online game contents, and service.

  • Hello Jadoo is Korea No. 1 animation since 1998, Korea steady, best seller content family sitcom that transcends generations, through a cute and a lovely, yet unpredictable little girl Jadoo's life. This animation shows how warmhearted families overcome life struggles

  • Hello Jadoo is airing on SBS, Tooniverse, Disney Channel, Jeitv, and Olleh TV, bTV, LG U+ (IP TV) TV, several channel (TV), no. 1 movie box office, and Youtube, etc.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Hello Jadoo: Cartoon Series, TV Animation Series/Film, Comic Book Series, Family Musical Shows, Educational Program (Jadoo’s Play School)/Exhibition, Cartoon Mobile Application Production, Character Licensing Business (Jadoo’s Character Good with around 300 types of licensed products)

Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc.)

  • 2018 Excellent cultural Product in KOREA Award for cultural Content

  • 2016 Korea Content Awards, Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister's Award for Animations

  • 2013 Korea Content Awards, Culture and Tourism Minister's Award for Animations

  • 2010 Korea Content Awards, Special Award for Popular Animations, etc

Contact Information



Ms. Devi

devi.kotrajkt@gmail.com / +6221 574 1522 (142)