Changwon Technology Precision Machinery

Company Information

Company Name   Changwon Technology Precision Machinery

Brand Name   CWTPM




  • Changwon Technology Precision Machinery have the technical skills to make everything from simple products to precision manufacturing(Include ASS'Y), welding etc and to fine-tuning. It is possible to produce products such as large-scale processed products for industrial machinery and construction machinery. CWTPM have the ability to design and manufacture castings, forgings and precision castings such as cast steel (cast iron) and aluminum, which are the raw materials for manufacturing processed products. 

  • CWTPM are a company composed of business divisions which make Defense product parts, equipment production division, and Civilian equipment parts division.
    The defense division produces and supplies the parts for the weapons system and the maintenance parts for the Army, Navy, and Air Force, while developing domestic substitutes for the imported parts.
    In the civilian business division, we make the machining tool system, in addition to the sub assembly processing and assembly works. With the highest technical capability and quality assurance, we conduct our businesses as specialized in the machinery and electric / electronic fields.
    CWTPM do precision processing, special welding, and assembly, while making processed mechanical products, hydraulic parts, electronic and electric part.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Drone, Marine Parts, Aviation Equipment parts, Machine Tools, Parts for weapons system and the maintenance, and vehicle parts for the Army, Navy, and Air Force, Electric Parts, Mechanical Product, Hydraulic Parts, Spare Parts,  Precision Casting Products, etc

Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc.)

  • A iliated Research Institute Certification (Machine, Electricity and Electronics)

  • Registered with Korean On-line Procurement System and DAPA(F0E61)

  • Selected as 300 Best Work Places (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)

  • Selected as the Best Workplace to Work in Gyeongnam (Small and Medium Business Administration)

  • Tech Innovation Award for SMEs in Gyeongnam (Small and Medium Business Association, Gyeongnam)

  • Family-friendly Company Certification (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)

  • Selected as the Best Workplace to Work(INNO-BIZ Association)

  • Defense Quality Management System Certification and many more please refer to catalog

Contact Information



Ms. Devi / +6221 574 1522 (142)