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Company Information

Company Name   EnesG Co Ltd

Brand   EnesG

Website   www.enesg.co.kr



  • EnesG Co Ltd is a engineering service company provides total solution relating to thermal performance of power plant including diagnostic testing service, plant performance improvement, Steam Path Audi (SPA), and many more.

  • As an engineering service providerEnesG has strong relationship with Korean Power Plant companies and Korean government. Moreover, over the last 15 years EnesG has developed global partnership with various National Power provider companies in Japan,America (SAFOCO), Germany (Flowserve Gestra), Netherland, UAE, Iran, Malaysia (TNB Remaco), Thailand (SNU), Philippines, and Indonesia (PT PLN).

  • Supported by the latest performance test instrument that meets ASME/ANSI MFC-9M-1988, ISO 4185-1980, ASME PTC 19, and other certification,EnesG ensure the best service and result for any performance engineering process that they conduct.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Performance Engineering

    • Overall Power Plant | ASME PTC46

    • Fired Steam Generator | ASME PTC4, PTC4.

    • Gas Turbine HRSG | ASME PTC 4.4

    • Steam Turbines | ASME PTC 6 | IEC 60953-1,2,3

    • Steam Turbines | ASME PTC 6.2

    • Gas Turbines | ASME PTC22/ISO 2314

    • Heat Exchangers | ASME PTC12 series

    • Test Uncertainty Analysis ASME PTC19.1

  • Engineering, Maintenance, Design, Manufacturing and comprehensive performance test services for Hydraulic Actuator for Turbine

  • Integrity / Evaluation

    • CPP Rotor Bore Automatic Inspection

    • CPP Rotor Wheel/Bucket Dovetail Automatic Inspection

    • NPP Rotor Bore Automatic Inspection

    • NPP Rotor Wheel/Bucket Dovetail Automatic Inspection

    • NPP Shrunkon Disc Type Rotor Automatic Inspection

    • Modeling, Structure & Thermal Analysis, Crack Propagation Analysis

    • Design/Manufacture of Scanners and Mechanical Devices for Nondestructive Inspection

  • Engineering & Field Service for NSSS

​Awards & Certificates

  • (2017) Received citation for Gold Medal in the category of Industrial Equipment at INPEX, Pittsburgh, USA.

  • (2015) Selected as KWC (KOSEP World Class) – 30 Project Partner

  • (2014) Selected as the best small company to work for by SBC (Small & Medium Business Corporation)

  • (2013) Approved as International Accreditation Organization for Flow Meter Calibration

  • (2011) Receive presidential Citation for Excellence capital good

  • (2011) Registered equipment repair company (KHNP, Q Class)

  • (2011) Registered supplier of valve actuator (KHNP, Q class)

  • (2010) Received citation  from MKE and SMBA

  • (2009) Registered in high-technology company (MKE)

  • (2009) Obtained Certificate of Inno-biz

  • (2009) Cooperating Partner of KHNP

  • (2008) Acquired certification of New Excellent Product (MKE)

  • (2008) Registered in New Technology in electric power (MKE)

  • (2008) Acquired certification of New Excellent Product (MKE)

  • (2008) Registered in New Technology in electric power (MKE)

  • (2007) Obtained a part and material reliability certification (MKE)

  • (2006) Registered as eligible maintenance company for Korea South-East Power

  • (2006) Registered Eligible Maintenance Company for Korea Western Power

Project Reference

  • Gheco PCB 660MW FPP Project Thailand

  • Tufanbeyli CFB 150MW FPP Project Turkey

  • Maragiq 300MW TPP project Saudi Arabia

  • Full set of HRSH testing Instrument Benghazi

  • Diesel Power Plant Testing (Kos, Chios, Paros power plant) Greece

  • Performance Diagnosis Testing CabrasDiease Power Plant Guam

  • Performance Diagnosis TestingKanudi Diesel Power Plant PNG

  • 20 Unit HRSG testing in the Middle East Area


  • ASME / ANSI MFC – 9M – 1988

  • ISO 4185-1980

  • ASME PTC46 for Overall Power Plant Engineering

  • ASME PTC4, PTC4.1 for Fired Steam Generator

  • ASME PTC 4.4 for Gas Turbine HRSG

  • ASME PTC 6 | IEC 60953-1,2,3 for Steam Turbines

  • ASME PTC 6.2 for Steam Turbines

  • ASME PTC12 Series for Heat Exchangers

  • ASME PTC22/ISO 2314 for Gas Turbines

  • ASME PTC19.1 for Test Uncertainty Analysis

Contact Information



Mr. Ardhi Herizharmas


+62-812-9135-4074 / +6221-574-1522(ext. 147)