H a n c o m  L i f e c a r e

Company Information

Company Name   Hancom Lifecare, Inc

Brand Name   Sancheong/ Hancom Lifecare

Website   http://www.cimilre.com/



  • Hancom Lifecare, Inc since 1971 is a company which produce safety equipment for military, fire, industrial market, and safety field and formerly name Sancheong, Co. Ltd.
    Since its foundation in 1971, Hancom Lifecare, Inc has led the firefighting equipment market. Hancom Lifecare, Inc specializes in the manufacture of Personal Protective Equipment such as SCBA, firefighting suits, etc. The Company’s technical development and management innovation have proceeded steadily since its establishment, leading the Company to provide more reliable and advanced protective equipment in the firefighting market.

  • Hancom Lifecare, Inc has been committed to the development of innovative products for a safer and more comfortable working environment, such as two-way radio helmets, gas masks etc.

  • Hancom Lifecare, Inc succeeded in supplying SCBA, automatic resuscitators and heat proximity clothing in the Korean market when Koreans only relied on imports, and now based on its technology from years of experience, provides the most advance products not only for the domestic market but for the global market as well.

Product Information

Main Products

  • SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)

    • Air Respirator (SCA 680E, SCA 680A. SCA 680, SCA 680WH)

    • Marine Air Respirator (sca 820h)

  • Protective Suit

    • Fire Fighting Suit: SCA 1203SA, SCA 1203N (Fire-Fighting Suit), SCA 1205R, SCA 1205F,  SCA 1205LR 9 (Fire-Fighting Helmet), SCA 1203HN  (Fire-Fighting Hood), SCA 1201EN (Fire-Fighting Boots), #7993, #7923, #7896, #7892,  #7882,  (Fire Fighter Gloves), #7905 and #7916  (Extrication & Rescue Gloves)

    • Heat Proximity Suit: SCA 1211N/1212N Heat Proximity Suit

    • Chemical Protective Suit (CPS): SCA 1800ET-R Chemical Protective Suit, and SCA 1800ET-L Chemical Protective Suit

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): XU-210 Fire Blanket, Tactical Armor Tactical Armor

    • Fire Fighting Garment, Helmet, Boots, Gloves, etc

Track Records (Key Clients, Service Area)

  • Civil gas mask to meet Korea standard introduced.

  • MND(Korea Ministry of National Defense) nominated SanCheong as Defense company.

  • First chemical protective suit certified to NFPA 1994 was developed for the first in Asia.

  • Special protective suit was provided to Korean army.

  • SCA18002N certified to NFPA 1991 entered the global market.

  • Hancom Lifecare, Inc received commendation from the South Korean President for New Technology.

  • Hancom Lifecare, Inc  awarded a medal for Science technology.

  • SCBA SCA10 won the Presidential Prize in the 10th Grand prize of Fire Industry & Technology.


  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

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