Company Information

Company Name   Usechem Co,. Ltd.

Brand Name   Usechem

Website   www.usechem.co.kr



Usechem, Co. Ltd is a company which produce Usthane, AcroRoute, Uremulsion, Adhesive, Cae Detailling, and Usecoat, specialized for urethan flooring/road marking paint with technical support and supplying full system. Usechem, Co. Ltd also can supply the MMA resin for road marking paint with starting formulation.

Product Information

Main Products

  • AcroRoute® (Road marking Resin) 

    • Series is a room temperature curing type plastic paint designed and manufactured in accordance with KS M 6080 - 5 Specification. It is a solvent-free type environment-friendly road marking paint cured by radical reaction by liquid or powder curing agent.
      Usage : The center line of the road, the road boundary line, the outer side line, the overtaking line, the road lane, etc.

    • It is a paint for road marking designed and manufactured according to KS standard. It is a water base / solvent-free paint for environmentally friendly road marking.
      It's not competitiveness to supply the finish product to Indonesian market. 
      So we had better to focus on the Road marking paint manufacturer who import the Resin from abroad or who doesn’t have a technology to produce the MMA road making paint.   

    • In other words, I think that the company which produce the Hot melting type road marking paint can be our potential customer. 
      Because we can supply the MMA resin for road marking paint with starting formulation for them.

  • Usthane® (Urethan Flooring System)

    • Chemical Distributor with Urethan flooring system construction companies as customers. 

    • Urethan flooring system construction companies which has a procurement contract with the Indonesian Government.

    • Urethane flooring system produced by Usechem has excellent elasticity characteristics, excellent impact absorption, and excellent walking feeling.

    • Primer (UP-140 and UP-150)

    • Chip Binder (CB-320, CB-700)

    • Urethane Sealing (UC-240)

    • Urethane Surface Coating (UC-240 soft layer, UC-260PTB for semi hard layer, UC-280 for hard layer)

    • Urethane Top Coating (UT-710 and UT-720)

  • Uremulsion
    Chemical Distributor and Paint manufacturer same as AcroRoute®. 

    • UER-1570 (Emulsion binder for road marking paints)

    • UER-1630 (Elastic emulsion binder for water-born putty)

  • Car Detailling/E-Coat

    • Car Auto care products import/distributor (EX: SONAX distributor, etc)

      • E-Coat is a rubber base natural drying under coating for vehicle's panel like under wheel house, under floor and fuel tank. It is specially designed to prevent a corrosion from calcium chloride in winter and anti-chipping from sand & stone.



  • INNOBIZ Certified (smba.go.kr)

  • KS F 4910 Certified

  • IAAF Certified (World Athletics Indoor Tour

  • ISO 9001, ISO14001 Certified

  • Echo Product  Lavel achieved  for Non-Slip Coats (KEITI)

  • KS M 6080-5 Certified (Road marking materials)

  • KS F 3888-2 (2,5,6) Certified (Elastic paving materials for school athletic  facilities, Additional facilities construction for schoolyard)

  • SPS-KSSFIA1-1944  Certified(SPS-KSSRIA1-1944) (Safety Rubber Paving Materials and Pavement for Paving On Site Children Playground Facilities)

  • HB(Health Bulding Material) Mark Certified 


  • IAAF

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

Contact Information



Ms. Devi
devi.kotrajkt@gmail.com+62215741522 (EXT.142)