Samhwa Non-Ferrous Metal Ind

Company Information

Company Name   Samhwa Non-Ferrous Metal Ind

Brand   Samhwa Non-Ferrous Metal Ind




Samhwa Non-Ferrous Metals Ind. Co., Ltd Established in1978 as a manufacturer of solder facilities. Samhwa Non-Ferrous Metal Ind. Co., Ltd. products can be applied to several fields:

  • Capacitors makers, for soldering to PCB, Electronic companies (zinc wire / tin-zinc alloy wire).

  • Steel maker : electrical galvanized steel (zinc ball, grit, zinc wire for metalizing surface of product for anti-corrosion purpose).

  • LPG Gas Cylinder maker : zinc wire.

  • PFC Tube.

  • C.P.Z (Cathodic Protection Zinc) for Vessel manufacturer.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Zinc Wire

  • Solder Bar

  • Solder Wire

  • Tin-zinc alloy

  • Zinc Ball

  • Aluminum Wire


  • Awarded President’s Commendation

  • Awarded the Order of Industrial Service Medal (New Technology)

  • Certified ISO9001:2000/KSA 9001:2000 quality management system

  • Certified ISO14001:2004 environmental management system

  • Awarded One thousand million Export Tower by the President of Korea

  • Certified as KIBO A+ Member by Korea Technology Finance Corporation

  • Certified as the venture company by Korea Technology Finance Corporation

  • Constructed production facilities for Al and Al Alloy Wire

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Ms. Devi

+62-21-5741522 (ext. 142)