S c i e n c e b o x

Company Information

Company Name   Sciencebox Co., Ltd

Brand Name   Sciencebox

Website   http://sciencebox.co.kr/



  • Sciencebox Co.,Ltd. is the developer and distributor of Scientific Kit, a mechanical exploratory science learning material co-developed with the Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials as government-funded R&D Project in 1982

  • Smart coding is an after-school coding learning textbook to learn with science boxes Rather than just learning software, you can play with your own models of science boxes and play with them, improving your creativity, your logic, and your computing thinking.

  • The coding board is compatible with a variety of coding software and is easy to learn and optimised for Scientific Kit components, so that student can build their own machines and run them through coding. Sciencebox Coding Board enhance the computing thinking skills of students. 

  • The National Youth Science Research Centre, Korea’s biggest comprehensive science research competition, held its first competition in 1983 with the purpose of creating culture of science technology for all citizens by increasing the interest and attention of youth toward science and develop critical thinking ability.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Scientific Kit

  • Sciencebox

  • Smart Coding

  • Coding Board

Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc.)

  • Organize National Robot Contest

  • Organize Creative Scientific Kit Competition

  • Organize Software Education Festival

  • Organize Science & Robot Festival

Contact Information



Mr. Agung Ngurah Putra

agung@kotrakbc.or.kr / +62811-919-912 (Ext. 150)