H W A  Y O U N G

Company Information

Company Name   HWA YOUNG

Brand Name   HWA YOUNG

Website   www.hwa-young.com



  • We create a architectural facilities or materials, mainly regulator valve,commercial & industry gas hoses

  • we provide fl uid controllers at where neededsuper precision and reliable procedure with uncompromising in quality control system whichapproved by ISO and Korea Standard

  • Hwa-young group Co.,Ltd contains various business in the each plants. The very firstplant in the Gim-Hae, Hwa-Young trading firm produce LP-Gas hoses and gas regulators, accessory kits, and In-Young industry mainly specialized CNC manufacturing producer

  • Hwa-Young Co.,Ltd also distribute in two sectors, one of sectors is in the Busan which produceautomobile engine elements, Carbon reduction system and various fuel supplying modulesystem

  • The other sector produce vessel monitor and for large vessel of fl uid pressure controlsystem in Ulsan

Product Information

Main Products

  • Pressure Gas Regulators

  • Gas hose


  • CGAC (Gas Regulator)

  • E4

  • GATS

  • ISO 15500 (CNG Regulator)

  • ISO 15500-18 : 2001(CNC Filter)

  • ISO 15500-9 : 2001

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO/TS 16949:2009

  • KSA (Hose)

  • KSA (Regulator)


  • UL

Track Records

  • Exporting to over 40 countries

Contact Information



Mrs. Azizah Rahim