G C S  G r o u p  C o .  L t d .

Company Information

Company Name   GCS Group Co. Ltd.

Brand Name   NOBLE LIFT, ART LIFT, GANA FILL, Gana CH, etc.

Website   www.gcsbio.com



  • GCS Group Co. Ltd. was founded in 2011.

  • GCS is engaged as manufacturer and exporter of medical beauty devices for face and body; as well as cosmetics.

  • They have been serving one-stop service for licensing medical devices, cosmetics, and beauty-related products that requires in overseas marketing.

  • The company has registered the patent for their various products, including lifting thread, filler, cosmetic solution, as well as devices.

  • The latest products launched by GCS Group are new lifting thread called “Noble Lift”, which is a sterile single use PDO suture or PLLA suture with needle and cannula, to be inserted into the SMAS Layer for temporary support of the face, which can be applied to part of the brow, mid face, jawline, and neck.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Lifting Thread

    • Noble Lift: PDO Needle Series, PDO Cannula Series, Special PDO Series, PLLA Series

  • Filler

    • Art Aqua : effective hydro lift and whitening

    • GANA CH : HA Filler with Calcium

    • INOBELLE+ : natural, safe, and long-lasting HA Filler

    • GANA Fill : PLLA Filler – Natural collagen stimulator filler

  • Cosmetic Solution

    • Clapio-Cell : PDRN cosmetics

    • Clapio-Vitamin and Clapio-Glutathione : mesotherapy for anti-aging and whitening

    • MTP 36 : multi peptide skin booster

  • Device

    • Leaf : fusion plasma skincare device

    • FATriot 180 : 6 in 1 multifunctional body management device, completed with the body sliming cream called the Zone.5 Silhouette Cream. ​

Track Records

  • Leaf clinical trial (P&K Skin Clinical Research Center)

  • Filed two patent related to fusion Plasma LEAF; FATriot 180 clinical trial (P&K Skin Clinical Research Center, SNU Bundang Hospital)

  • Patent Registered for the electric device for skin and method of driving the device

  • Acquisition of CE for Plaxpot

  • Patent Registered for the PLLA Filler and HA Filler combination manufacture method

  • Acquisition of GMP for surgical operation system

  • Acquisition of GMP for cosmetic

  • Develop Plasma Device; Plaxpot (Medical Plasma Device) and Plamere (Esthetic Plasma Device)

  • Acquisition of ISO 13485 and Certificate of Venture Firm

  • Art Aqua (Meso Solution)/Art Injector (Solution Injector Device) Launching

  • High Frequency Electric Device (Free Spot) Launching (KGMP certification authorization)

  • Acquisition of GMP for medical device; Patent Registered for GANA-Fill producing technology

  • Sales and distribution of GANA-Fill (PLLA Filler) as the exclusive distributor for distributor and international market

  • Patent Registered for the standard of Medical Image Processing unit and method

  • “Art Lift": CE Certification

  • Launched “Art Lift” lifting thread brand

  • MOU with Yosida Certified Judicial Scrivener in Japan; Opening the Japan Branch Office

  • Acquisition of ISO 9001:14001

  • Acquisition of Medical Equipment Import Business Permission CoFlex – Exclusively Korea/Japan branch


  • GCS General Certificate: ISO 13485, ISO 9001

  • Art Lift: EC Certificate, Free Sales Certificate, EC Design-Examination Certificate

  • Noble Lift: EC Certificate, ISO 13485, KFDA, GMP

  • Art Fill: Free Sales Certificate, Medical Device Manufacturing License

  • Gana Fill: Free Sales Certificate, Medical Device Manufacturing License, ISO 13485

  • Free Spot: CE Certificate

  • Plaxpot: CE Certificate

Contact Information



Ms. Anindita

ditakotra@kotrakbc.or.kr, ditakotra@gmail.com

+62-21-5741522 (ext. 151)