B C  T A E C H A N G

I N DU S T R I A L  I n c .

Company Information

Company Name   BC Taechang Industrial Inc.

Brand Name   BC Taechang

Website   www.bctc.co.kr



  • BCTaechang (BCTC) is the first leading manufacturing & engineering company in Korea for special tape, anti-corrosive chemical and UHP waterjet equipment. BC Taechang has more than 30 years of experiences in marine industry.

  • BC Taechang manufactures UHP hydro-blasting cleaning equipment, pumping unit, control valve, spray nozzle, surface preprocessor, wet cutting machine and automatic & manual spray systems

  • BC Taechang manufactures putty-type products preventing corrosion of steel structures even at high temperatures, special anti-corrosion tapes preventing corrosion of ships & marine structures and special waterproof tapes for medium to large-sized bulk carriers.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Anti-Corrosion (Petrolatum Tape, Composite Wrapping)

  • High-pressure pump

  • Ultra-high pressure (UHP) Pump

  • Deck Scaler

Track Records (Key Clients, Service Area)

  • 14 distributors in 11 Countries (USA, Japan, China, Singapore, Netherland, etc.)

Contact Information



Mr. Agung Ngurah Putra