J u n g  C o s m e t i c  C o .  L t d .

Company Information

Company Name   Jung Cosmetic Co. Ltd.

Website   www.jungco.co.kr



  • Jung Cosmetic was founded in 2015. Within the same year, the company has signed technical cooperation MOU with Ezekiel Cosmetics (cosmetic production corporation).

  • The company is specialized company in Aesthecure (aesthetics and cure) industry.

  • The products are using natural ingredients that especially functioning as skin whitening.

  • ESSELLO BNC products are probiotics lactobacillus cosmetics. The skincare products have Bifida Ferment Filtrate as a common ingredient, which helps increase resistance by stimulating skin immunity and helps improve skin condition.

  • ESSELLO BNC provides a full range of skincare, which are perfect for professional use, such as beauty spa and aesthetic clinics.

Product Information

ESSELLO BNC Product Line-Up

  • Crystal White Kit: Timing Solution, Timing Serum, Revolution Cream

  • Crystal White Single Product: Time Serum, Revolution Cream, Luminus Modeling

  • Basic 3 types: Pleasant Toner, Deep Clear Cleansing Cream, Control Massage Cream

  • Mask 2 types: The Ocean Mask, Light Skin Mask

  • BB

  • Mist

  • Ampoule 5 types: Real Vitamin Ampoule, Real Licorice Ampoule, Real Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule, Real Peptide Ampoule, Real Gold Ampoule

  • Basic 4 types: Real Toner, Real Cream, Real Cleansing Foam


  • Certificates of Patent

  • ISO 9001: 2015​

  • Various Awards dedicated to SME.

Contact Information



Ms. Anindita

ditakotra@kotrakbc.or.kr, ditakotra@gmail.com

+62-21-5741522 (ext. 151)