B u k a n g

C o s m e t i c

Company Information

Company Name   Bukang Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

Brand Name   

  • Somidam

  • Bukang Cosmetic

Website   www.somidam.net, http://bkcosmetic.co.kr/


Bukang Cosmetic is a corporation for cosmetic speciality manufacturer (OEM, ODM) and cosmetic sale. Since we established in 2008, we have produced and sold various products like cosmetic raw materials and its complete products, and functional soups. In 2019, we have built the second factory which has a recent CGMP facility, and we organized mass-production system. So, we have successfully made inroads into foreign market like United States, China, and Philippine to take an active part in cosmetic market environment which is extremely changing in home and abroad. We are actively strive for global competitiveness reinforcement through export-oriented market expansion and for improvement enterprise value about global market expansion through release own-brand products and great production value.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Cleansing
    - Many kind of soap (Somidam Desert Rose Moisture Soap, Somidam Moisturizing Blossom Soap, Somidam Mulberry Tree Whitening Soap, Somidam Menthol Cooling Soap, Somidam Fermented Probiotics Soap, Strawberry Gem Soap, Fruits Gem Soap, Somidam Pure Noni Soap, Somidam Trouble Clean Soap, Tok Tok Skin Avocado Pack Soap, Tok Tok Skin Brown Sugar Scrub Soap, Tok Tok Skin Quince Deep Cleansing Soap, Tok Tok Skin Lavender Soap, Tok Tok Skin Tea Tree Soap, Tok Tok Skin MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) Soap, Tok Tok Skin Almond Soap, Tok Tok Skin Noni Soap).
    - Softieark Face Bath Bomb (for bathup with taste of Green Tean and Oatmeal).

  • Skin Care (Somidam Desert Rose Anti Wrinkle and Whitening Care)
    - Somidam Desert Rose Moisture Toner
    - Somidam Desert Rose Moisture Emulsion
    - Somidam Desert Rose Moisture Mist
    - Somidam Desert Rose Moisture Eye Cream 
    - Somidam Desert Rose Moisture Serum
    - Somidam Desert Rose Moisture Cream
    - Somidam All Day Multi Balm

  • Body and Hair Care
    - Mugwort Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp, for damaged Hair, and Damage Hair Treatment.

  • Perfume 
    - Edphylus Dress Perfume with Pleasent smell in 100/500ml 6 Kind (Purple: Sweet Violet, Blue: Gentle Musk, Green: Healing Romance, Pink: Peach Blossom, Red:Love Scarlet, Orange: Lovely Fruit).

  • Mask Pack
    - Somidam Desert Rose Moisture Mask Pack

Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc)

​Bukang exporting soaps to Philippines, Thailand, China, USA, etc


  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

  • CGMP Certified

Contact Information



Ms. Devi

devi.kotrajkt@gmail.com / Phone: +62 21 574 1522 (142)