D a e k y o u n g  I n d u s t r i a l

Company Information

Company Name   Daekyoung Industrial Co., Ltd

Brand Name   Daekyoung

Website   http://dkinfra.co.kr



  • The bridge bearing products was certified by Korean industrial Standard KS F4420 of elastomeric bearing and developed seismic bearing.

  • The expansion joint products received certification of reliability for expansion joint from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Bridge Bearing

  • Expansion Joint

​Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc.)

  • Hanoi Laocai - Elastomeric Bearing,

  • Manmunai Bridge - Elastomeric Bearing, New Monocell Joint

  • My Loy Bridge - Elastomeric Bearing, Pot Bearing

  • Luc Dien Bridge - Elastomeric Bearing

  • Nga Trang to Da Lat Road Project - Elastomeric Bearing, Pot Bearing

  • Long binh Bridge Project - Elastomeric Bearing, Pot bearing

  • Cambodia      Mongkol Borei Dam - Elastomeric Bearing, Expansion Joint

  • Ken Tanh Hoa to Logom Project - Elastomeric Bearing, Rail Joint

  • Hanoi Metro CP01 - Elastomeric Bearing, Pot bearing

  • Hanoi Metro CP02 - Elastomeric Bearing, Pot bearing



  • Patent for Circle type of Earthquake-resistance Rubber Bearing(ERB-C)

  • Patent for Hybrid Tin-lead Alloy Rubber Bearing(LRB-S)

  • Patent for Lead Rubber Bearing(LRB)

  • Authentication Certificate of Performance for Expansion Joint

  • Patent for Shutter Finger Joint Preventing Alien Substances

  • Patent of Double Pocket Wateproof Coupling for Expansion joint

  • Patent of Drainage Equipment for Expansion joint

  • Patent of Pre-setting Equipment of Earthquake Resistance Rubber Bearing

  • Patent of Earthquake Resistance Rubber Bearing(ERB)

  • Patent of Soundproof Walls for Road and Railroad

  • Certification of K S. Mark on Bridge Bearing – B, C

  • Certification of Reliability for Bridge Bearing

  • Certification of Reliability for Expansion Joint

  • Certffication of KS A / IS09001

  • CE Certificate for LRB

Contact Information



Mr. Hasbi

hasbi.kotra@gmail.com / hasbi@kotrakbc.or.kr