D o n g - i L  M . T  C o . ,  L t d

Company Information

Company Name   Dong-iL M.T Co., Ltd

Brand Name   Dong-iL

Website   www.dongilmt.com



  • Dong-il MT is manufacturer of diaphragm metering pumps in South of Korea established since 1973.

  • Dong-il produces a wide range of diaphragm and plunger metering pumps with liquid ends parts in various materials, such as PVC, SUS304, SUS316, PTFE, PVDF pump head.

  • Dong-il have been supplied our metering pumps to POSCO, SAMSUNG, HYUNDAI, DAEWOO and water treatment facilities which is very famous company over the world.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Mechanical diagphram dosing (steady seller: DW & DN series.

  • Plunger dosing type (extremely high pressure): DKA & DKC series.

  • Compact dosing type (small series): DS & DMA series.

  • Hydraulic dosing type: DHD series

  • Hybrid dosing type: DF series

  • Advance dosing type: Electro servo unit, Duplex triple head type

  • Metering pump accessories: relieve valve, back pressure valve, air chamber


  • Acquirement of Patent for metering pump – double diaphragm

  • Acquirement of CE Mark

  • Acquirement of Patent for metering pump – high power

  • Acquirement of INNO-BIZ

  • Acquirement of ISO 9001

  • Acquirement of KSA 9001:2001

Reference Project List

  • CJ – Malaysia – waste water treatment

  • Samsung – Vietnam: waste water treatment

  • Samsung – Bahrain: SULB Steel Mill Project

  • Han Sein Thant Pte. Ltd – Myanmar: cooperate with KSB

  • Sugar factory – Central Java, Indonesia

  • Toray Chemical – South Korea

  • Incheon power plant – South Korea: combine heat & power plant

  • Ulsan – South Korea: Nuclear power plant

Contact Information



Mr.​ Kennedy Kurnianto

kennedy.k@kotrakbc.or.kr / (62-21) 574-1522 (ext. 149)