Elkoh Engineering Co., Ltd.

Company Name   Elkoh Engineering Co., Ltd.

Brand Name         Elkoh

Website                www.elkoh.com



  • Elkoh Engineering is trading and manufacture specializing in automotive air-conditioning parts and thermal parts for Korean, American, Japanese and European automobile and buses.

  • Established on 1994 Elkoh Engineeringhave long experience of exporting goods to over 50 overseas markets.

  • Elkoh Engineeringhavea good reputation from customers as the best supplier of quality products and services.

  • Their company already ISO 9001: 2000 quality certified company.


Main Products

  • Thermal Parts

  • Automotive Part

  • AC

  • Tirod, Long tirod

  • Injector


  • ISO 9001: 2000

Contact Information



Mr. Chris Luis Manurung

chris.lm@kotrakbc.co.kr / manurunk.chris@gmail.com

(+62) 8111-919-170