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Company Name    E&H Co., Ltd.

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  • Core technology, with high efficiency and low resistance (pressure drop)

  • Ultra charging (Turbo, Plasma coating), only 2 or 3 companies existed in the world

  • Application: Air purifier filter, HCAV, and window buildings.


Company Information

​Since 2001, E&H Co., Ltd. is a Synthetic Melt Blown filter media producing company. Especially high performance filter, for example, HEPA filter and High Grade Respirator filter media production is the main products of E&H. These days, as industrialization is getting matured, the need for the filtration is getting stronger even more. Of course, the types of filtration are very diverse, such as particle, liquid and gas. Our media is specialized for particle filtration purpose. We produce melt-blown non-woven and charge it with state-of-art technology, so finally very high efficient and very high air permeability are possible with our product.


Main Products

1. Media

  • Meltblown​​

a.  Medium media (Prefilter of HEPA filter system)
b.  Hepa media (Home Air purifier, Automobile air purifier)

c.  Mask media (Home care Mask, Industrial Mask)

d.  Carbon combi (Home Air purifier, Automobile air purifier)

e.  Pocket filter (HVAC)

  • Nonwoven

a.  Backer (Hepa media)
b.  Filtron (HVAC)

2. Filter Assembly

  • Home Air purifier Filter

a.  HEPA filter
b.  Carbon filter​

  • Automotive Air Filter

a.  HEPA filter
b.  Carbon filter​

  • Air Conditioner

a.  HAF filter



Contact Information



Ms. Erianti Rusydina Edward 

erin.kotra@gmail.com / Phone: +62 817 086 0864