Global YJ Co., Ltd.

Company Name   Global YJ

Brand Name         GLOBAL YJ




  • Global YJ is a very well-known company in best quality, service, technology and competitive prices in Korean Heavy Equipment Industry.

  • As a leader in the industry in Korea, Global YJ has been producing attachment, such as Vibro-Hammer, Vibro-Ripper, Hydraulic Breaker, Compactor, Heavy Equipment and Truck Spare Parts Etc.

  • Global YJ offering best quality, competitive prices, service and best technology which products made in Korea.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Vibro-Hammer

  • Vibro-Ripper

  • Hydraulic Breaker

  • Compactor

  • Heavy Equipment Spare Parts

  • Truck Spare Parts

  • Etc.

​Track Records

  • Export to Philippines 

  • Export to India


  • Korea Certification for Heavy Equipment Attachment

  • International Certification for Heavy Equipment Attachment

Contact Information



Mr. Chris Manurung (Chris) /

+62 811 1919170