H A N L I M  C o r p .

Company Information

Company Name   HANLIM Corp.

Brand Name   HANLIM

Website   http://www.hanlimhl.co.kr/eng/



HANLIM Corp. Established in 1981 has been growing and developing as a reliable partner of the world-class companies as a manufacture of construction equipment and material providing customized service meeting customers' demands, which provides a total service for construction sites, such as customers' cost reduction, shortening the term of construction, and putting safety first.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Aluminum Form

The aluminum form is a type of mold, an important material in framework construction, which refers to the mold with a lightweight frame and panel by aluminum alloy. It is lighter and harder than the existing Euroform and has excellent construction precision, which is a widely utilized material.

  • Gang Form

A large-scale panel produced in the shape of each structure or the form completed by connecting each member into one to construct an architectural structure or large civil engineering structure is referred to as gang form.

  • Euro Form

Used in wall structures in various forms. Designed for easy use in wall structures in any shapes by combining various kinds of panels.

  • Scaffolding

Track Records (Key Clients, Service Area)


  • ISO 9001

  • Member of Korea Construction Material Association

  • BSI Certificate for Quality Management

  • Certificate of Panel for cast

  • Certificate of Cast support device (Low noise system)

Contact Information



Ms. Nurindah Farafanie

fanie.kotrajkt@gmail.com / +62-21-5741522 (ext. 143)