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Company Information

Company Name   HNN Corporation 

Brand Name

  • Paragon Filter-Water Filter for Commersial

  • Clear Water-Water Filter for Residential

  • Paragon Filter CP-4 Water Filter 

  • Scale Guard-to Prevent Limescale

  • Paragon Air Care-Air Purifier

Website   www.hnncorporation.co.kr/eng/



  • HNN Corporation produces the items of water filter for commercial and  residential, and scale guard to prevent lime-scale. HNN Water Filter has KC certification from Korea and NSF certification from US for quality of water filters. 

  • It produces the best taste and cleans water with the best filter that can prevent scale formation and even remove chlorine and heavy metals.

  • A safe and economical large volume water purification system and help customer to be more satisfied with clean, fresh and refreshing water.
    HNN Corporation also produces Paragon Air Care (PAC 360) that can filter big particles such as floating dust, a hair, able to remove super-minute particle smaller than super-minute dust and dust collection efficiency of pollutants such as a tick, virus, mold; able to remove over 99.97% remove 0.3um of super-minute particle smaller than super-minute dust (PM2.5) with absorption method sulfurous acid gas, cigarette smell in the air and formaldehyde the primary cause of atopy, sick house syndrome, allergy, and removes volatile organic compound like benzene, ammonia etc. 

Product Information

Main Products

  • Water Filter for Commercial, Coffee Shop and Air Purifier

Track Records (Certificate)

  • NSF Certification 

  • KC Certification  

  • KAA (Korean Atopy Association)  Certification 

Contact Information



Ms. Devi

devi.kotrajkt@gmail.com / +6221 574 1522 (142)