Company Information

Company Name   Hyonjin Chemical Co., Ltd

Brand Name   HYONJIN

Website   www.hyonjin.co.kr



  • The manufacturer of double sided adhesive tape since 1994.

  • Hyonjin double sided adhesive tape is applying to electronic, cell phone, digital, computer, car, agricultural, printing, construction, medical, industrial, miscellaneous, sports & leisure, packaging.

  • Hyonjin Chemical Co., has supplied to LG Electronics, Samsung, Iphone in Korea, exporting to Japan, Canada, Vietnam, Srilanka, China, etc.

  • Application parts of the HJT tape

  1. Electronic goods- LCD/LED TV, Computer, white electronic home appliances.

  2. Mobile phone-Samsung, LG, i-phone, i-Pad, Touch pad

  3. CAR interior & exterior of the car accessories, harness, cushion, insulation

  4. Industrial part – fixation of material, factory, office & home decoration

  5. Construction & House – Insulation, Sound proof, wind proof foam tape

  6. Home & Office – Decoration, windproof foam tape, cushion tape

Product Information

Main Products

  • Single & double sided adhesive tape

  • Tissue (Non-Woven) carrier

  • Pet film carrier

  • Acrylic Foam Tape

  • PE Foam Tape

  • Protective Tape

  • Silicone Tape

  • Kapton Tape

  • BOPP Tape

  • Cloth Tape

  • PE Foam, CR Foam material

  • EPDM Foam

  • Copper tape

  • Aluminum tape.


  • Certificate of ISO 9001:2008

  • Certificate of ISO 14001:2004

Contact Information



Mr. Kennedy Kurnianto

kennedy.k@kotrakbc.or.kr / Phone: (62-21) 574-1522 (135)