H y u n d a i  A I T

Company Information

Company Name   Hyundai AIT Co., Ltd.

Brand Name   JIAEHU

Website   https://www.jiaehu.com/



  • Hyundai AIT Co., Ltd., is a venture company founded by a technology development team and a professional distribution team. They have various products starting from IT, IOT products, healthcare and health food, beauty and accessories.

  • With their 6 lines of skincare products named JIAEHU, they are trying to enter Indonesian market and looking for importer as well (last year they were participated at JIPREMIUM 2019 event that was held in JCC, Jakarta on November 2019).

  • JIAEHU presents healthy skin by quickly restoring skin concerns in the midst of busyness and strengthens its original power.

  • JIAEHU is committed to always presenting the upright nature itself, replenish the driest skin.

Product Information

Main Products

  • JIAEHU Shining Pure Fresh Toner

  • JIAEHU Shining Eliminate Dark White Cream

  • JIAEHU Shining Deep Clean Cleansing Foam

  • JIAEHU Shining Daily Beloved Essence

  • JIAEHU UB Shining Tension Up Mask

  • JIAEHU UV Shining Protector Sun


  • GMP

  • ISO9001

  • ISO14001

Contact Information

Contact Information



Ms. Nurindah Farafanie

fanie.kotrajkt@gmail.com / +62-21-5741522 (ext. 143)