J K  L I G H T I N G  C O .,  L T D

Company Information

Company Name   JK Lighting Co., Ltd

Brand Name   Lledus, Heat Plus


Website   www.jklight.com



  • Since 1990, JK Lighting Co., Ltd sold throughout the world “One Piece Blown PAR LED Lamps” and ” Infra-Red Heat Lamps.

  • The unique characteristics of one piece blown PAR38 is it’s effective and efficient one piece construction using strong, light weight, hard glass.

  • Energy saving product: Gas heater should heat up entire building, but IR heat lamp can only focus to heat up specific ground area farmers want (does not need temperature control).

  • Environmentally friendly: IR heat lamp does not produce CO2 which affects bad effect to all human and animal’s body.

  • Healthier: Gas heater only warms outside of body (only skin), but IR heat lamp warms up not only outside of its body, but also inside body and help blood circulation, muscle relaxation which make both human and animal calm and peace. Gas heater warms up entire house air, so animals stay still which make them lack of exercise. However, IR heat lamps make animals do the exercise. When they feel cold, they come to the center under the lamp and when they feel warm enough, they spread our themselves.

  • PAR38/LED/Glass Reflector Bulb can be applied to motion sensor lighting, security motion sensor and in many household fixtures.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Heat plus: Infrared heat bulb

  • Lledus: PAR38/LED/Glass Reflector Bulb

  • Lamp protector

  • Lamp stand

​Awarded & Certificate

  • Awarded trade promotion price from Minister of Trade & Industry

  • Awarded Presidential price from National Government for export contribution

  • Contract a Technical Assistant Agreement for Automatic Glass Blowing with Vermont, France

  • Presidential Award

  • Received Authentication of Merit by Governor of Kyonggi Province

  • Register Patent (#168357) for PAR38 bulb

  • Certificated of Korea Testing Laboratory (KC)

  • ISO 140001 Certified

  • Certificated origin authentication exporter (FTA)

  • Certificate CE, CSA for R/BR125 heat bulbs

  • Certified ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015

  • Certificate designation of export promising company by Ministry of SMEs and Startups

  • Certificate UL for PAR LED light bulb

  • Registered Patent (#1937196) for PAR LED module array

  • Certified INNO-BIZ (기술혁신형중소기업인증)

  • Certified FTA(업체별원산지인증수출자인증서)


Main Clients


  • Home Building Centre

  • Tractor Supply Co

Distributor & Networks

  • America: 4 countries 6 distributors

  • Europe: 4 countries 5 distributors

  • Northeast Asia: 4 countries 7 distributors

  • Southeast Asia: 7 countries 10 distributors

  • The Middle East: 4 countries 4 distributors

  • The others Region: 2 countries 2 distributors

Contact Information



Mr.​ Kennedy Kurnianto

kennedy.k@kotrakbc.or.kr / (62-21) 574-1522 (ext. 149)