J S C  I n t e r n a t i o n a l

Company Information

Company Name   JCS International

Brand Name   CLROTTE


Website   https://clrotte.com/,   http://jcs-int.com

Domestic sales website https://makers.kakao.com/items/100001274


  • It is a optical frames with demo lens (clear lens). 

  • It includes as optical frames but it could be used for prescription lens or fashion as well. 

Product Information

Main Products


  • With its molding technology, JCS International has developed rapidly, and expanded form molding parts for devices (smartphone, automotive, printer) to eyewear. It’s CLROTTE brand has been exported to some countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong. They have eyewear product that does not broken when its bended.

Track Records (Exported Destination Countries)

  • Founded in 2001 as an engineer from Jin Oh Jeon, JCS Mold was founded in 2001 as a specialized manufacturer of small precision molds and injection molding among mobile phone cases. Since the beginning of the business, we have been registered as a cooperative company for large corporations in Korea. In 2016, we established JCS International Corporation, and 16 years after its establishment, we are in the process of developing our own products / products for about $ 10 million. Our goal is not to end here. To be recognized in the world market, we are looking forward to today.

Contact Information



Ms. Erianti Rusydina Edward

erin.kotra@gmail.com / Phone: +62 817 086 0864