Korea T.E.S Co., Ltd.

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Company Name    Korea T.E.S Co., Ltd.

Brand                    KTES

Website                 www.koreates.com



  • Supplier of “After-Market” parts for old ships and submarines

  • Specialized in customized system upgrades and servicing of equipment! Extend the lifespan of your ships.

  • Provide Customized Military equipment upgrade (operation console & combat system, signal processing unit, controller for engine, weapon control console)

  • Provide part sourcing & maintenance i.e. propulsion control system, MTU Engine, etc

Established in 2005, Korea T.E.S. is a Korean company specializing in signal processing units, radars and sonar systems, multi-functional consoles for electric system and power supply units used in defense sector. Beside defense sector, Korea T.E.S. also specialized in renewable energy sector.

Product Information


  • DQMS

  • ISO9001

  • ISO14001

  • Venture Business

  • INNO-Biz

  • Promising Small & Medium-sized Export Business

  • Research Center Affiliated with the Company

  • Component Material Specialist Company

  • Software Business Operator


  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Safety System-2007.12.31

  • Automatic restoration device and method for remote monitoring system-2010.02.05

  • How to detect ventricular arrhythmia through the detection of characteristic points-2011.06.01

  • How to detect characteristic points for determination of ventricular arrhythmia-2011.06.01

  • Standby power cutoff socket-2011.08.01

  • Image signal-converting apparatus-2012.06.15

  • Compatibility devices and methods for encoding equipment-2017.03.14

  • Electric heater apparatus aircraft using ceramic heating element and controlling method thereof - 2017.05.11

Contact Information



Ms. Mega Puspita

megapuspitap@kotrakbc.or.kr / +62-21-574-1522 (ext.164)