K w a n g w o n  I n d u s t r i a l

Company Information

Company Name   Kwangwon Industrial Co., Ltd.

Brand Name   Kwangwon IND

Website   http://www.bridgekw.com



  • Kwangwon Ind. Co., Ltd. is a specializedbridge bearing manufacturer and builder,who has played a pivotal role in Korea since its establishment in 1986,with steady development of new product, acquiring an advanced technology.We have accumulated all the related technology andfocused on core areas of busines such as steel bearing,elastomeric bearing and expansion joint,especially on its production and quality improvement.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Bridge Bearing

  • Pot Bearing

  • DSRB

  • Spherical Bearing

  • Pendulum Bearing

  • Disktron Bearing

  • LRB

  • EQS(Eradi Quake System)

  • Damper

  • Pin and Pivot

  • Expansion Joint

  • New Mono Cell

  • New Finger Joint

  • Finger Joint

  • Rail Joint

  • Cityscape Material

  • Vehicle Protection Fence

  • Guardrail

  • Bridge Safety Inspection Rail

  • Soudproof Wall

​Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc.)

  • Song Chanh Bridge, Vietnam

  • Song Rut Bridge, Vietnam

  • Song Day Bridge, Vietnam

  • Ayutaya Section 2- Korat, Thailand

  • Rehabilitation Steel truss railway

  • DDT, Indonesia

  • Jakarta LRT

  • Siracha, Thailand

  • Chumporn, Thailand

  • Steel Railway Bridge, Thailand

  • TinhHuc Bridge, Vietnam



  • ISO9001

  • KS(Korean industrial Standard) Certificate of Bridge bearing

  • Certificate of Technical research institute

  • Certificate of Standard Product


  • Certificate of Direct Production

  • Certificate of Superb Procurement of Co-branded Goods Designation

  • Certificate of Facility Maintenance Registration

  • Certificate of Reinforced Concrete Construction

  • Certificate of Metal Construction

Contact Information



Mrs. Mien Hermina (Mina)

mina.kotrajkt@gmail.com / mina@kotrakbc.or.kr

+62 81212 865121