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Company Name   META BIOMED CO., LTD

Brand Name   META BIOMED

Website   http://www.meta-biomed.com



  • Since 1990, Meta Biomed has worked with leading clinicians across the globe to develop innovative and industry-leading dental products for dentists and endodontists.

  • Meta Biomed offers their clinicians peace-of-mind by delivering trusted and reliable endodontic products and devices for more predictable results and a better patient experience.

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  • AKL Registration

  • FDA Registration

  • KGMP for manufacturing stability

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Track Records (Key Clients, Service Area, etc)

  • Development of biodegradable, anti-inflammatory suture thread that has effects on pain relief.

  • Development of bio-absorbable anastomosis device for organ reconstruction and transplantation -In progress-.

  • Development of antimicrobial bone cement containing natural material -In progress-.

  • Development of technology based on medical textile application -In progress-.

  • Development of high-strength absorbable bone plate/screw for fracture treatment with diagnostic and treatment characteristics.

  • Development of dual cure core resin and fiber post system.

  • Next-generation leading technology development project Development of bio-absorbable anastomosis device for organ transplant.

  • Development of high-functioning, biocompatible bone graft substitute.

  • Development of high-functioning, biocompatible PVS impression material.

  • Development of high-performance medical textile for human treatment.

  • Development of biocompatible calcium phosphate ceramics application technology.

  • Development of high-functioning, biocompatible dental bone graft material.

  • Development of biocompatible, light-cured dental bone graft material.

  • Development of dental temporary cement using biocompatible polymer.

  • Development of ZOE-type root canal filling sealer.

  • Development of root canal filling sealer using polyepoxyamine.

  • Research on hydraulic temporary filling material.

  • Research on water-soluble temporary filling material.

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