Company Name    NOKSIBCHO Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

Brand Name          XYCOS, Sferangs, Coxir, The Skin House

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  • Evolving as an eco-friendly wellness leading company by using the best materials from nature.

  • Scope of business including NOKSIBCHO Aloe, NOKSIBCHO Pharmaceutical, NOKSIBCHO Oriental Medicine Hospital, also Noksibcho cosmetic with brands that keep developing.

  • XYCOS is Green & Pure Plant-based Skin Care with Vegan certificate meanwhile Sferangs is a spa brand with 110 SKU of products in the brand.

  • Find the distributors for their brands and expand the market to Indonesia

Product Information

Leading the well-being life in health supplement, cosmetics and complementary medicine business fields and is growing as a global group importing exporting all over the world. Noksibcho affiliation consists of Noksibcho R&D, Manufacture and Medical Care (Elderly Hospital). Noksibcho anufacture companies are Noksincho Aloe which produces healthy supplementary and dietary food, Noksibcho Cosmetics, Noksibcho Medical appliances and auto toothbrush.



All of the products manufactured and produced by Noksibcho are made with faith based on globally recognized accrediting agencies such as Germany EUROCERT, U.S.A. ICR, U.K UKAS and GMP.

Contact Information



Ms. Ayu Riska / 021-574-1522 (ext.146)