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Company Name   Sangdong Industries Co., Ltd 

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  • Sangdong Industries Co., Ltd. have manufactured the substation and transmission line product: HV Connector for Substation, Hardware and Fittings for Transmission Line, Earthing and Lightning Protection, Electrical Conduit Fittings Since 1975.
    The transmission line hardwares consist of various component and have been designed and produces by International Standard and supplied to various customer in the global world.

  • The HV connectors are designed with optimum performance and available for connecting with various conductors. The ground and lightning protection system meets the most stringent safety and have good performance over 20 years.

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Main Products

  • HV Connector for Substation

  • Hardware and Fittings for Transmission Line

  • Earthing and Lightning Protection

  • Electrical Conduit Fittings.


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Ms.  Devi / Phone: +62 21 574 1522 (142)