Smile Beauty System

Company Name    Smile Beauty Systems Co., Ltd.

Brand Name          Edally




  • Improves skin cell’s self-regeneration ability by providing Neocell, sustaining skin’s natural beauty. It delivers extra moisture, adds vitality to skin and helps with anti-aging by enriching skin with collagen peptide extracted from ocean and natural ingredients collected from clean regions.

  • Offers various skin care products with various ingredients from nature that is good for skin health such as marine collagen, sea grape extract, gold, various plant extracts, to swiftlet nest ampoule.

  • Edally products has gained popularity in Vietnam and now is entering several Asia markets such as China.  

  • Manufactured by top Korean skin care manufacturer such as Coreana and Cosmax.

Product Information

Founded in 2013, Smile Beauty Systems is a leading manufacturer of cosmetics and Health Foods products. Beside in Korea, the company also has strong presence in Vietnam. The products are not only sold in offline and online stores but also through direct selling method. Beside the skin care lines, the company also offers cosmetic and health supplement products.



  • KIPO

  • SMBA

  • CFDA

  • Industrial – Educational Subscription, Industry – University Agreement

  • Certificate of Trademark Registration

Contact Information



Ms. Mega Puspita / +62-21-574-1522 (ext.164)