S U N G A N  E N T

Company Information

Company Name   SUNGAN ENT CO., LTD.

Brand Name   SAENT

Website   http://www.saent.kr



  • SUNGAN ENT has the state of the art technology and long experience in Landfil reclaiming & other Environmental Businesses and Waste to Energy plant in Worldwide as a strong patents holder.

    • Landfill Reclaiming Businesses​

      • Enable to make Land re-development with New Urban Planning.

      • Provide various Environmental solution from Polluted Landfill.

      •  Wealth Recreation and promote a pleasant residential environment.

    • Recycling Construction Waste, Municipal Solid Waste, Landfill Waste etc.

      • Separate to 3 Sources ( Soil & Sand, Combustible, Un-combustible)

      • Combustible waste to Fuel/ Energy ( Generating Electricity / Steam etc.)

    • New Renewable Energy Plants

      • Wood Pellets, EFB Pellets, RDF, SRF, RPF etc.​

    • The other Eco- Friendly plants for the Treatment of Waste

      • Food, POME, Landfill Gas, Chemical plants etc.​

Product Information

Main Products

  • Landfill Reclamation(Land Restoration and Development)

  • Waste to Energy (RDF, MSW sorting)

  • Food Waste to Compost/ Feed/ Fuel

  • Other Environmental Plant (EPC, BOT etc.)

​Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc.)

  • Reclamation in Gongju Landfill

  • Established Beijing Green Use Environmental Co., Ltd. In China

  • Reclamation in Osan unsanitary Lanfill

  • Reclamation in Cheongra Incheon unsanitary Landfill

  • Reclamation in Yangpyeong, Seocheon unsanitary Landfill

  • Reclamation in Cheongra Incheon unsanitary Landfill

  • Reclamation in South Daejeon

  • Reclamation in Cheondo(closed), Asan (Circulating) unsanitary Landfill

  • Reclamation in Gyeongju Landfill

  • Reclamation in Myeongji and Cheongra Landfill.

  • Established Yeonsan Factory

  • Reclamation in Sejng and Injae Landfill

  • Reclamation in Goyang, Injae Landfill

  • Technical investment in Beijing Green USA.

  • MOU with Chinese Association of Scientists for Waste to Energy

  • Vietnam Gov. Project (Landfill Reclamation & Real Estate Development)

  • Indonesia Gov. Project ( Landfill Reclamation & MBT (MSW solution)

  • Philippines Gov. Project ( Landfill Reclamation & Purifying River )


  • Certified as Environmental New Technology (#253)

  • Patent for Sorting system in Landfill

  • Patent for Combustible Waste to Energy

  • Certified as Green Tech. & New Tech. for Waste to Energy Business

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

Contact Information



Mrs. Mien Hermina (Mina)

mina.kotrajkt@gmail.com / 719107@kotrakbc.or.kr

+62 81212 865121