T A E  S U N G  C o . ,  L t d .

Company Information

Company Name   TAE SUNG Co., Ltd.

Brand Name   Tae Sung Bits & Accessories


Website   www.taesungdia.com



  • Tae Sung is the only manufacturer of the drilling equipment in Korea who is specialized in producing equipment and materials that are  needed in the boring works of exploration and civil engineering construction in domestic and overseas markets.

  • We are also a small but strong company who is spurring to develop overseas markets equipped with international competitiveness.

  • Taesung Co., Ltd. Will keep the immovable top position in the boring works of construction and civil engineering in domestic market.

  • In the parallel with this global trend. Taesung Co., Ltd. Will make endless efforts as e professional manufacturer if the exploring equipment of natural resources.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Impregnated Diamond Core Bits

  • Reaming Shells

  • Surface Set diamond Core Bits

  • Impregnated Diamond Casing Shoe

  • Taesung Core Barrels

  • Drill Rods & Casing Pipe

  • Drilling Accessories

​​​Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc)

  • Supplying to Korea Mining Industry Promotion Agency (Current Korea Resource Corporation)

  • Selected as an internet frontier company of Gyunggi-do

  • Awarded grand prize of the 13th export innovation small and medium company

  • Selected as an INNO-BIZ company

  • Acquired ISO 14001

Contact Information



Mr. Hasbi