T a e y a n g  M e t a l

Company Information

Company Name   Taeyang Metal Industrial Co., Ltd

Brand Name   Taeyang Metal

Website   www.taeyangmetal.com


  • Founded in 1954, Taeyang Metal Industrial Co., Ltd is the largest company in Korea that Manufactures Cold Forging and Precision Parts for Automobiles and quite know in Global.

  • This has resulted with solid foundation in the quality of the products, reputation as a special auto-parts maker is distinctive.

  •  In 2011, they started the production and supply of cobalt sulfate, one of the core materials of secondary batteries.

  • It has and operate their own Research and Development Center to ensure the technologies are the most innovative in the industry.

  • Also have an in house laboratory certifies by KOLA (Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) to enhance technical.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Bolt for Engine

  • Steering component

  • Bolt for Drivetrain

  • Brake component

  • Bolt for Body & Chassis

  • Bolt for Electronic & Others

Product Application

  • Automobile

  • Motorcycle

  • Electronics


  • ISO 14001                 : Environmental System

  • ISO/TS 16949           : Quality System

  • KOLAS                       : Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme


Global Reach

  • Korea                        : Head office, Manufacture and Sales Office

  • China                        : Manufacture and Sales Office

  • India                         : Manufacture and Sales Office

  • North America        : Manufacture and Sales Office

  • Mexico                     : Manufacture and Sales Office

  • Europe                     : Sales Office

  • Japan                        : Sales Office

Main Customer

  • Hyundai motor

  • Ford Motor

  • BMW

  • Nissan

  • Toyota

  • Daimler Chrysler

  • Borgwarner

  • Metaldyne

  • Mando

  • GM

  • ZF

Contact Information



Mr. Chris Luis Manurung

chris.lm@kotrakbc.co.kr / manurunk.chris@gmail.com

+(62) 8111-919-170