TaeYoung Soft Co., Ltd.

Company Name    TaeYoung Soft Co., Ltd.

Brand Name          ZeTTA PACS

Website                 www.taeyoungsoft.com



  • TaeYoung Soft is the unique presence for medical image processing such as DICOM image and Non-DICOM image.

  • ZeTTA PACS has developed software with many cases of possible workflow combinations, even for the most unique of workflows.

  • With role-based feature sets and preferences, each user at your hospital has easy access to the tools they need to keep your department moving

  • ZeTTA PACS features completely web-based viewer with reading, dictating and reporting tools.

  • Already Installed in 9 major hospital in Indonesia

Main Products

  • PACS – Picture Archiving Communication System
  • Teleradiology

  • Gateway

Track Records (Key Clients)

  • Installed in Insan Gospel Hospital

  • Installed in Yonsei Medical Center

  • Installed in Gwangju Sunhan Hospital

  • Installed in Chunan Naeun Hsopital

  • Installed in Chung-ang Univ Hospital

  • Installed in Jeju National University Hospital

  • Installed in Seoul Sungsum Hospital

  • Installed in St. Paul's Hospital

  • Installed in 30 Hospital in Iran

Contact Information



Mr. Ardhi Herizharmas

ardhi.kotra@gmail.com / +62-812-9135-4074