Company Name   Visang Education Inc.

Brand Name         Wings, EliF, Englisheye, AllviA



  • Smart classroom environment using smart devices

  • Being used in around 10,000 schools nationwide (85% of total schools in Korea).

  • Ranked 1st among education companies that publish textbooks.

  • 3 Million students that are using Visang’s e-learning website.

  • 100 Million textbooks that has been sold

Product Information

Main Products

  • Wings! (English learning program for preschoolers based on communication via smart board and pads.

  • Challenge (English reading program for preschoolers based on physical activities and communication via e-board and webcam (AR/MR technology).)

  • Action Alphabet (English learning program for preschoolers based on motion recognition and AR/MR technology.)

  • AllviA (Smart learning solution based on smart boards and tablet PCs in various learning environments)

  • Englisheye (elf-directed English learning program for primary and middle school students.
    Students follow the program independently using a smart pad.)

  • ELiF (ELiF is a multimedia digital learning program based on the primary school curriculum, aiming to improve students’ knowledge-based English learning and future life skills.)

Track Records (Key Client & Service Area)

  • Canada (Signed contract with the Canadian “First Nations Language Program”)

  • Paraguay (Englisheye)

  • Myanmar (Wings)

  • China (Wings / Englisheye / Challenge)

  • Vietnam (Wings / Englisheye / ELiF)

Contact Information



Ms. Suwarsi / +62-21-5741522 (ext. 149)