Y o n g k w a n g  F l e x i b l e

Company Information

Company Name   Yongkwang FlexibleIND Co Ltd

Brand Name   Yongkwang

Website   www.yongkwang.co.kr



  • Yongkwang’score competence in the globalexpansion joints industry comes from the 40 years’ experience in manufacturing and production various expansion joint products

  • They have superior ability in power plant, refinery, and water treatment industry, with design capability of customable product fitting to costumer’s need

  • The company are tested in accordance with internationally recognized standards including ASME S Stampa and ASME U Stamp for Manufacture and Assembly of power boilers and pressure vessel, and OHSAS 18001:2007 for design, development, manufacturing and servicing of expansion, flexible joints and exhaust pipe for industrial use

  • Yongkwang also has their own test facility as an integrated part of their manufacturing line including Hydrostatic test, Thickness test, Liquid Penetration test, PMI test, and hardness test.

  • In addition, Yongkwang Flexible IND can also provide a complete range of expansion joint and Flexible hose with material ranging from steel, rubber, and non-metal materials, making their company a one-stop-solution for your expansion joint needs

  • Finally, with successful project globally – including Indonesia – Yongkwang Flexible IND could become your best and trusted partner for your Expansion Joint needs.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Metallic Expansion Joints

  • Non-Metallic Expansion Joints

  • Flexible Joints / Tubes / Hoses

  • Rubber Expansion Joints

​Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded, & etc.)

  • BHI Co Ltd & POSCO E&C – Indonesia Integrated Steel Mill Power Project

  • PT Star Energi – GunungSalak PLTG Project

  • S&TC – KALSEL-1 CFPP Indonesia
  • PT PLN – Mara Tawar CCPP Project Indonesia
  • GE PSK – Grati HRSG Project Indonesia
  • PT Indonesia Power – Grati Block 2 Project


  • ASME S Stamp

  • ASME U Stamp

  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

  • OHSAS 18001:2007

  • EJMA : Standard of the Expansion Joints Manufacturers Association

  • ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • ASTM: American Society for Testing & Materials

  • ANSI: American National Standard Institute

  • FSA: Fluid Sealing Association

  • AWWA: American Water Work Association

  • JIS: Japanese Industrial Standards

  • DIN: Deutsche Industries' Norm

  • BS: British Standards

  • API: American Petroleum Institute

  • EN: European Standards

  • AISC: American Institute of Steel Construction

  • AWS: American Welding Society

  • SSPC: Steel Structure Painting Council

  • KS B 1536 : Korean Standard for Bellow Type Expansion Joints

  • KS: Korean Standards


  • (1986) Registered as supplier by POSCO

  • (1988) Chosen as a promising SME by the Academy of Korea Association of machinery Product

  • (1990) Authorized as supplier for Korea Electric Power Company (KEPCO)

  • (1995) Authorized as supplier for KEPCO Nuclear Power Plant

  • (1995) Designated as a Defense Industry Company by Ministry of Trade and Industry

  • (2000) Awarded as “Outstanding Performance as a Superior Manufacturing & Exporter”from Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation

  • (2006) Awarded“Million Dollars Export Trophy”from Korea International Trade Association

  • (2006) Selected as Management Innovation Small and Medium Enterprise”by Smalland Medium Industry Promotion Corporation

  • (2011) Approved by TAKREER in U.A.E

  • (2011) Approved by SABIC in Saudi Arabia

  • (2013) Classified as “The Supplier in Year 2013”byDoosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.

  • (2014) Classifiedas “The Supplier in Year 2014”By DoosanHeavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.

  • (2015) Classifiedas “The Supplier in Year 2015”By DoosanHeavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd

  • (2016) Classifiedas “The Supplier in Year 2016”By DoosanHeavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.

  • (2017) Classifiedas “The Supplier in Year 2017” By DoosanHeavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.

Contact Information



Mr. Ardhi Herizharmas

ardhi.kotra@gmail.com / +62-812-9135-4074