Y U C H A N G  E & C

Company Information

Company Name   YUCHANG E&C Co., Ltd.

Brand Name   

  • Yuchang Thermocouple Extension & Compensating Wires

  • Special Heating cables.

Website   www.ycec.kr



  • Over the past 30 years, YUCHANG E&C has been providing the highest quality extension and compensating cables to customers of various fields.

  • From lant industries (iron manufacturem chemical fibers, petroleum) to shipping and automobiles industries, Yuchang E&C has made every effort to ensure the best flow of the heat and automatic controls.

  • As robotics and auto controls marked major milestone in industrial growth, the importance of accurate temperature control has never been so emphasized.

  • Thus, Yuchang E&C promises to continue providing the best quality products as well as the best.

Product Information

Main Products

  • Extension & Compensating Wire Cable

  • Thermocouple Duplex Wire

  • Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Cable

  • Heat Resistance Wires

  • UL AWM Wires

  • Heating Cable


  • Certified ISO 9001

  • Certified ISO 14001

  • Certified Korea Standard (KS C1609)

  • Acquired Electrical Appliances Safety Certificate on FR-CVV

  • Certified “innovation-driven enterprise” by Mainbiz.

  • Certified UL 1330, 1331, 1332, etc (Fluororensin wire)

Track Records (Main Projects, Contracts Awarded & etc)

  • Selected as “ Outstanding company” (by Ministry of Employment & Labor)

  • Enterprise Specializing in Materials & Parts (by ministry of trade, Industry & Energy

Contact Information



Mr. Hasbi