Yulchon Co., Ltd.

Company Name   Yulchon Co., Ltd.

Brand Name         Yulchon Pipe

Website                www.ycpipe.com



  • Yulchon is the leading manufacturer of Cold Drawing Precision Steel Tubes in Korea which is used for automobile parts, heat exchangers, machinery, etc. Since establishment in 1986, yulchon have been continuously developing their technology and have been able to precisely draw various sizes of tubes from small to large diameters

  • Yulchon products strength:

    • Consistent Quality, On-time Delivery and Competitive Prices

    • 100% Order production

    • Small Quantity Batch Production

    • Quick Response for the defect (quality issues)

    • Advantage of yulchon geographic position (Korea & Mexico) in the world


Main Products : Cold Drawn Precision Steel Tube

1. Applications:

  • Automotive Parts

    • Bushing

    • Steering Column

    • Cylinder and outer tube for automobile shock absorber, gas spring and oil jack

    • Cylinder tube for automobile knuckle and clutch master

    • Pipe for automobile propeller shaft, drive shaft

    • Tube for valve rocker arm shaft

    • Motor housing tube

    • Cylinder tube for power steering (Rack Tube)

  • Heavy Equipment

    • Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Etc

    • Other precision drawing tube and various shaped steel pipes

    • Tube for furniture

    • Motorcycle

    • Heat exchanger​

2. Available Size




  • Received “Good company award” from Korean President

  • ISO 14001

  • ISO 9001

  • IATF 16949

  • Global Hidden Champion

  • Parts and materials specialized company

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Ms. Suwarsi
suwarsi@kotrakbc.or.kr / +62-21-5741522 (ext. 149)